…what hurts and what treatments work, your pain level, mood, sleep patterns, medication usage, accomplishments, challenges, goals, and more. Create your personalized journey and set the privacy levels to share as much or as little as you want. Self management has been shown to improve results and reduce unnecessary office visits and hospitalization.


…with doctors, resources, and fellow patients. The app has a fun and engaging community to help you manage your pain through empowerment and support. Pain is serious, but we don’t have to be! Reduced isolation and peer confirmation can improve adoption and adherence.


…what you can do, what's being researched, and where to go. We partner with leaders in the pain management space and provide access to trusted, of-the-moment resources and articles, directing you to meditations, support groups, exercises and stretches, meal plans, new treatment options, research, and more. Shared decision making often increases rates of compliance with treatment regimens.


…gift cards and other rewards for recording your progress, supporting others, reaching goals, and unlocking achievements. Celebrate your accomplishments. Ouchie is all about recognizing daily efforts! Studies consistently demonstrate that reward-based programs lead to better outcomes.

#donthurtalone with the #ouchieapp.