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Why Ouchie?

We're the mobile solution for chronic pain management. If you're one of the 120+ million Americans that suffer from chronic pain, you're not alone.

Ouchie offers evidence-backed tools to help engage chronic pain patients: robust tracking, cognitive behavioral therapy, community support, and educational resources. We're here to help you feel better, faster.




"Really useful app. Helps me keep track of how bad my pain is and what I've tried. Also really like that they are actual professionals on here to support you."

Dianamura1, Hip pain patient



"Great app that helps manage pain while also providing encouragement to keep moving forward through positive action and a sense of support!"

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Ouchie is a must for anyone in pain. I broke my ankle - this was the first broken bone I've ever experienced - and was told I would NOT be able to walk for THREE months. I sat on the couch falling into depression. My husband googled around for help and thankfully found Ouchie. The community - others patients and doctors - was there for me during this insane time and I got the answers and support I needed to know that I would get through this. Insanely grateful. This app is a must for anyone with injury and in pain.

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"If you're suffering from chronic back pain, you have to try this app. Very easy to use and helped me understand what was working. I even introduced it to my doctor at Johns Hopkins."

Vic in Baltimore, Back pain patient



Huge Help

Getting support and advice from others has been valuable in my treatment for migraines. Highly recommend it for others who are suffering. Plus, you can find real experts on there so you're not going to a million places for answers.

iOS App Store Review

Often the conditions we treat are chronic and these conditions can have very small incremental changes. When patients have gone through this, it helps them to know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.
Ouchie provides that.
— Dr. Neel Mehta, Director of Pain Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical Center
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Leaders in the field of pain management turn to Ouchie to serve their communities, provide an improved patient experience, and increase revenue.

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