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    Welcome to Ouchie, a mobile solution for pain management. Manage your pain, connect with providers and find accomplishments in the everyday.

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Support and Solutions

Leading Pain Experts

Leaders in the field of pain management and injury recovery are on our platform, using it to support their patients and to help others.

Performance Stats

Identify trends in your pain journey and share with your care providers.

Premium Partnerships

We’re working with premier facilities like NovaCare Rehabilitation and Cornell Center for Pain Management, along with organizations including the U.S. Pain Foundation, Wong-Baker FACES Foundation, Holiadvice and the American Pain Society to connect you with the most relevant resources.

Simple Pain Tracking

Keep track of pain levels, treatments, appointments and challenges.

Custom Achievements

Patients can unlock achievements by completing tasks assigned by their medical provider or by the Ouchie team.

Supportive Community

Connect with others experiencing similar pains, share your support and find solutions together.

Our Partners

Leaders in the field of pain management turn to Ouchie to serve their communities, provide a improved patient experience and increase their revenue.

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What Our Users Say

"Really useful app. Helps me keep track of how bad my pain is and what I've tried. Also really like that they are actual professionals on here to support you."
Dianamura1Hip pain patient
“Often the conditions we treat are chronic and these conditions can have very small incremental changes, when patients have gone through this, it helps them to know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Ouchie provides that.”
Dr. Neel MehtaDirector of Pain Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical Center
"If you're suffering from chronic back pain, you have to try this app. Very easy to use and helped me understand what was working. I even introduced it to my doctor at Johns Hopkins."
Vic in BaltimoreBack patient


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