Ouchie: the mobile solution for pain management

Ouchie: a mobile companion for pain management

Don't Hurt Alone


Why Ouchie?

We're the mobile solution for chronic pain management. If you're one of the 120+ million Americans that suffer from chronic pain, you're not alone.

Ouchie offers evidence-backed tools to help engage people who live with chronic pain: robust tracking, cognitive behavioral therapy, community support, educational resources and clinical integration. Join thousands of others who are using Ouchie to feel better, faster.





Can’t live without it!

Ouchie is one of the first apps I go on in the morning. And periodically throughout the day. The sense of community they’ve created is fantastic! I also really love their well curated content. It’s always just what I need to feel better! This is a must download for anyone with any sort of chronic pain.

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I am currently checking in most days on this app. Helps me track what I am feeling and why. Love the pain scale slider!

Molly, Google Play review



A game changer in pain management!!

I’ve been using Ouchie to help with my terrible back pain and it’s been such a great resource. I can finally easily record my pain levels and talk to people who understand and have experience the same pain. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for an effective way to help cope with their pain!

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Love this app. Helps me not feel so isolated in my pain. Also the support team is AMAZING!! They respond to emails within a few hours at most and are so polite and helpful.

Amber, Google Play review



Huge Help

Getting support and advice from others has been valuable in my treatment for migraines. Highly recommend it for others who are suffering. Plus, you can find real experts on there so you're not going to a million places for answers.

srothchild, iOS App Store review

Often the conditions we treat are chronic and these conditions can have very small incremental changes. When patients have gone through this, it helps them to know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.
Ouchie provides that.
— Dr. Neel Mehta, Director of Pain Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical Center
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Pain management leaders turn to Ouchie to serve their communities, provide an improved patient experience, and increase revenue.

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